Children Achieving Maximum Potential



Seminars: We offer seminars on different subjects where we share with you what we do and how it helps. Some of the subjects we talk about, like bullying, social behaviors, confidence, and emotions, you can find under the focus points page. We also speak on other subjects and can customize the talk to your request. Please call for pricing.

Workshops: We offer workshops on a variety of current interests. We come and share information on the specific subject and create an interactive experience, doing exercises with the group to demonstrate what we can do to address the subject of interest. Workshops are available on subjects like bullying, social behaviors; confidence, emotions, and more that are summarized under focus points. Please ask for a workshop of your focus point. Please call for pricing.



We offer counseling and coaching from the perspective of a hypnotherapist, emotional freedom technique therapist and life coaches. What differs from what we do and traditional therapy is we focus on the use of specific proven techniques to bring results in a timely manner. Our experience has shown proven results and success, and this is why we are presenting it to you in this manner. Our techniques are easily accepted, relatable and enjoyed by children. Please call for more information and pricing.

We offer individual sessions and group workshops. We also offer a whole system of classes and coaching for children in school. Please call for more information and pricing. Therapeutic services are offered by healing your way. Please visit www.healingyourway.com for our holistic service list and information.

ChAMP Certifications


Teacher certifications: We certify teachers to use our proven techniques. This certification will allow the teachers to use the training we provide to work with children in a completely new way during school time. This can transform the teacher and student relationship to be one of success with interaction and academics. Please call for more information and pricing.

ChAMP Counselor Certification: We ChAMP certify degreed counselors, certified life coaches and other therapist with our methods that are accepted and enjoyed by children and have proven success. The ChAMP certified counselors can work in conjunction with us. Please call for more information and pricing.

Complete programs for Champ certifications:
Programs are available to have your school be officially ChAMP certified. This options includes teacher certifications, counselor certifications, and provides continuing education and assistance. We can also provide ChAMP counseling for students so they may have one person as their guide during their k-12 years of education with whom they will develop trust. Please call for more information and pricing.