Children Achieving Maximum Potential

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Key focus points

How does ChAMP address bullying and other social behavioral issues
like ADD, ADHD, and autism?

Some of these labeled "dis-eases" are not purely behavioral they are chemical as well but generate a huge impact in day to day interactions. ChAMP program is created and supported by a group of holistic health professionals who are quite aware of how these issue manifest, affect, and alter peoples' lives. We are also equipped with knowledge on how to manage these types of issues and provide a way to ease the impact of them in daily lives.

Many behavioral conditions start with something that is knocked off balanced it can be emotions, thoughts, health, or energy. When any of these are not balanced the person or child starts showing sign or symptoms of the issue. When we feel uncomfortable in any part of our selves we begin to feel irritated, sad, frustrated, unhappy, and much more. How can this imbalance happen? Children are very easy to push aside when they are asking for something. Adults have agend as while children are just there to grow and learn. When a child comes to address something such as a hurt feeling, sore throat, or just some love and kindness many times in our busy lives we say not now I am busy. What we are doing is telling the child it is OK for people to push away a person in need, to be weak is not acceptable, your problem as are not important, etc. The emotions pent up inside the child leads to an imbalance no matter how mild or sever the case. This leads to confusion on how to express their thoughts and feelings and a buildup of emotion. When this happens that child may go to school and push around another child to release their frustration of having held in their feelings. This is how bullying shows up.

The ChAMP program teaches children how to be in touch with their feelings so they know exactly how they are feeling every moment. Once they know and are aware of their feelings they are better able to express and share them in a safe way. The ChAMP program teaches the child how to be enough with in themself so they don't need to search for attention outside of themselves. ChAMP program also teaches how to release pent up emotions in a safe way so no one is harmed. Some of the techniques used are meditation to calm the mind, balancing exercises, nutritional education as many foods cause anxiety, and getting in touch with their emotions. We teach the seven laws of nature to guide the children on how to find a way to address what they experience daily in their lives in a health way for all. When a child walks with their head and heart working together to create what they desire in the world the power in their hands. The ChAMP program builds the focus of the child on their own positive abilities and gifts they poses. This allows the child to understand they are important, needed and valuable. Once a child can grasp that, we point them in a way so they their use their gifts for the positive. This simply guides them to be constructive human beings enough with in themselves without any need to lash out in emotional out bursts. ChAMP helps create a balanced child that is free to be unique and participate in the world with a strong sense of self.

Why does ChAMP address Understanding Emotions?

We live in a world today that is based in the mind. We focus on rationality, how smart we are, how much we have, what we have been taught, and what we know. All these things involve our mind. We create our experiences in this world from our hearts and mind not just the mind. We have forgotten what it is like to follow what our heart desires. We focus on what we should be doing. We try to fit in everyone else's shoes. This leaves us feeling stuck and in the place we are in the world today where we waved our choice on how we wanted our life to be.

The ChAMP program teaches how to be in touch with emotions and feelings at all times. It allows the child to know their choice with what they are given by how they feel. We have many choices to make each moment. Choices like, will I let this one set back get me down or will I see this as an opportunity to create better. The ChAMP program encourages children to learn how to use their feelings for their benefit by helping them get in touch with their feelings. We show them they don't need to be imprisoned by emotion. We guide the children in identifying their feelings; exemplify how to release the feelings that don't serve them in a healthy way. They will learn how to be guided by their hearts to create their desires through healthy thoughts and feelings that work for everyone. When Children or any person is balanced and guided in this way they experience focus, confidence, happiness, self-esteem, value, worth, amenable behavior, a sense of fulfillment and much more.

Why does ChAMP address Balancing exercise and balanced nutrition?
"Making Healthy Choices"

If any part of us is out of balance eventually we will fall sick. The sickness may present as mental or physical illness. We provide ways to maintain health and wellness. The main thing that is important at this point in our society is awareness. There are many exercises and foods out there. Does this mean they are all healthy? Depending on the person and their physical make up there can be problems with what is available. The exercise and nutrition we encourage is something that is helpful for children. It doesn't over stimulate and creates balance with in the body. These methods are taught and guided by our professionals.
Exercises like qi gong, tai chi, and yoga balance the immune system through breath work. These methods also balance the energies of the body located at the 7 energy centers: base of your spine, navel, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, and crown. Movement with breathing and sound when necessary bring balance and health to your whole system. It allows the body to function optimally by loosening up any unseen blockages. These exercises are not just merely a way to burn energy but a way to balance the energy to create calm with in.

Being aware of what goes in your mouth is very important these days as there are too many options and most of what we grab is unhealthy. Americans today are overweight, full of anxiety, and health issues due to their eating habits. Knowing what foods create health and the foods that don't is information that all children should be equipped with. This way health is a choice and they don't need to be sentenced to illness. The ChAMP program not only educates children on health food options it also recommends holistic professionals for treatment to parents if necessary.

Does the ChAMP program address self-esteem if so how?

The ChAMP program is very much geared in helping children in being full of self-esteem and self confidence. It is addresses in every aspect of the program. When we guide children to be in touch with their feelings and live by their heart and head in balance their self-esteem and confidence will rise as they find purpose in their life. When they discover and grow their intuitive abilities and talents they will be able to contribute in a way that is unique to them. Participating in balancing exercises and eating balancing foods will allow their bodies and minds to be work like fine-tuned machines that create harmony. They will not have to face issues like any behaviors or weight problems that bring down esteem. Being full of energy alone brings self-confidence.

Why are self-esteem and self-confidence important? If you aren't full of self-esteem and confidence you make choices that lead to a life full of undesired or painful events because you give away your right to make choices to others. Everyone is here to live a happy fulfilling life. If we give away our rights as many of us have been conditioned to as children we end up in unhealthy relationships and sometimes produce children in torn families. We end up in jobs that are not satisfying. This is the state of the world today. How about allowing our children to live a different life; life that is their own, full of self-esteem, self-confidence and happiness. This will empower them to create a world that is balanced and healthy, where everyone is living out their life purpose. This is not hard it just takes awareness and effort and for you to allow your child this option. Remember parents are guides and guides have a job to encourage their children in ways that are beneficial for both the parent and child. The ChAMP program doesn't take anything away from the parent or the child, it empowers both by providing awareness and assistance where parents may not have the time or energy to devote to these understandings the ChAMP program will assist and ease the load.

What are talents and intuitive abilities and how does ChAMP encourage and nurture them?

ChAMP is aware that every human being is unique and is here to share their special gift with the world. Every human sees, hears, feels, experiences, and expresses in different ways. This allows for each person to be able to have a unique view and contribute in a special way. What we do is help each child to discover how we all perceive things differently and that is not only Ok, it is beautiful. We encourage their special perceptive abilities and talents whether it is music, art, science, or just the ability to be there for someone and share their love. Everyone daily affects others in their lives. How do we choose to affect people, with love and acceptance or with rejection and distance? When we embrace our gifts and we are able to accept who we are fully we can do the same for all the other unique being we encounter in our lives. The ChAMP program encourages children to find and grow their gifts by sharing their ability with the community in creative ways and making a difference. An excellent example is children in our ChAMP program making soup to offer the homeless shelters. This is being done this fall. The children bring the vegetable of their choice and contribute to the cooking in a way that works with their talents. This builds a strong sense of self and empowers them to make a difference in the world they live in.

Why is communicating effectively so important?

We express who we are as individuals through communication. Communication happens with more than just words. We are in so much contradiction with ourselves daily it is obvious to others in the different manners we communicate. It is so easy to miscommunicate with other when we all have such varying life experiences. Each individual communicates by relating to their own past experience. No wonder we don't understand each other. We need to begin by clearing up the communication lines within ourselves. Most of our communication happens without words. If we understand that then begin to be in sync with whom we truly are and want to be, we can express ourselves more clearly. Our spoken words will have more power and direction.

The ChAMP program understands the importance of the desire to be heard and understood. In childhood we need to be heard and understood more than any other time in our lives. It is the time when it is most important time to develop good communication skills. Effective communication with self allows for effective communication with others. When we communicate clearly we are both heard and understood. It is human nature to want to be loved and accepted. Most often we hurt the ones we love because we don't know how to convey our feelings. Effective communication can convey our true feelings to those we care about the most. When we know how we feel and can express it without doubt and we can make great things happen. Effective communication allows each individual's desires to be fulfilled with ease. We can work together to build and create beautiful new things when communication is clear. The ChAMP program teaches clear effective communication with self and others so we can be in harmony with in and without. When we are balanced we can move from a state of lack to a place of confidence, love, fulfilledness, and much more. All this is possible just by knowing how to communicate effectively.

How does awareness of how our plugged in world really affects us?

ChAMP is mindful of all that affects us in our environment: ourselves, our family, friends, food, exercise, nature, and the new technologies. It is very easy to see how most of these affect us. If we eat the wrong foods we will get sick. If we are miscommunicating with someone we will get upset. If we are exposed to the new technologies and its energies constantly it is not so clear how our lives have changed. We are in a new plugged in age where the long term effects are yet to be witnessed. We also don't want to wait to know till it is too late. Awareness is the most important tool we have to take care of ourselves from falling into a hole. When children learn and become conditioned from a young age to have many electronic gadgets without knowing the effects we are setting them up for unconscious harm. ChAMP wants to educate children right from the start what kind of effects new technologies can have and how to mindfully use the technologies, and know remedies to preventing any long term unwanted effects to social behavior, physical health, or emotional wellbeing.

Many new technologies radiate electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) that affect your mind and health. These new technologies not only can affect your mental and physical wellbeing but it enters in how you socially interact with other's. This effects our interactions, emotions, and self-esteem. As we become more and more secluded from other's we lose our ability to communicate and be communal. Humans need interaction with other's. These new technologies draw us away and create seclusion. The effects are already visible as most kids spend more and more time inside the house in front of the television, games, phones, ipods, etc... ChAMP knows there are benefits to these technologies so we teach how to use them effectively, educate on why we need to limit our exposure to them, and bring us back to nature so we don't become a slave to them. We are meant to and need to interact with each other not with robots. Our lack in effectively communication, self-esteem, self-confidence, health, and love has lead us to this secluded lifestyle. ChAMP encourages who we are and strengthens it so we can be balanced in whatever we do.


"Boy, have you caused a commotion! When I came to you with the kids, I was about to leave my husband. He was very demanding and cruel with his words. Obsessive. Ever since the waterfall, he apologized for being that way for years, is calm and very concerned about my feelings. I can't explain it other that the waterfall. No man changes that quickly in his attitude. My sister threw it on her crazy puppy. She is calm now and my sisters children were afraid it was sick. My sister knows why shes calm though. Shes using it to help with her asthma also. My hairdresser hurt her ankle. I told her to try this, she came in the next day with no ace bandage and walking with less pain. Thank you so much. It's amazing the effects it has on everyone around us. I'll keep you posted on any other stories as we go along. Im trying to get my other sister to try it. She needs it more than any of us. Thanks again"
- Diane