Children Achieving Maximum Potential

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"Boy, have you caused a commotion! When I came to you with the kids, I was about to leave my husband. He was very demanding and cruel with his words. Obsessive. Ever since the waterfall, he apologized for being that way for years, is calm and very concerned about my feelings. I can't explain it other that the waterfall. No man changes that quickly in his attitude. My sister threw it on her crazy puppy. She is calm now and my sisters children were afraid it was sick. My sister knows why shes calm though. Shes using it to help with her asthma also. My hairdresser hurt her ankle. I told her to try this, she came in the next day with no ace bandage and walking with less pain. Thank you so much. It's amazing the effects it has on everyone around us. I'll keep you posted on any other stories as we go along. Im trying to get my other sister to try it. She needs it more than any of us. Thanks again"
- Diane