Children Achieving Maximum Potential

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A balanced healthy person begins as a balanced healthy child. Allowing children to accept themselves and their uniqueness is the most empowering gift we can give them. This gives children the ability to grow into adults that embrace their unique abilities and give back to the world in a powerful way.

ChAMP works to teach children how to:

  • • be comfortable with who they are
  • • be comfortable with their feelings
  • • communicate in a way that works for everyone including themselves
  • • make nutritionally healthy choices to stay balanced mentally and physically
  • • use their mind and hearts to manifest their desires in a healthy way
  • • create peace and happiness where ever they go.
We use traditional techniques that have been proven over thousands of years. We combine our expertise in holistic health with the experience of certified teachers in a comprehensive educational program. We address all aspects of the human being to bring them into balance: mind, body, emotions, and spirit. As we make children comfortable and at peace with themselves and educate them to understand how to work with the people around them, we are creating a change that will bring calm and peace into all aspects of life. ChAMP techniques have the power to reduce significantly if not eliminate the bullying behaviors and many violent situations we find around us in the world today. Imagine a place of peace and understanding for our children. It is really possible if we start with empowering them with the know-how to create it in their daily lives.

ChAMP program consists of:
  • • Teaching children techniques to embody the peace, love and joy they wish to experience daily in their lives (these techniques address the bullying)
  • • Bringing awareness to their special abilities to be unique in their learning and being so they can accept it and use it in a beneficial way. (these techniques allows children to use their talents positively thus also addressing the bullying behavior)
  • • Demonstrating communication techniques children can use in all their relationships (peers, parents, teachers). We teach children to be in touch with their own inner feelings and state of being, and having a good relationship with themselves. (This allows the child to address any suppressed feelings so they don't show up as anger, sadness, physical illnesses like anorexia, depression, bullying, a sense of being lost, and much more.)
Nutritional health is addressed by teaching children to make healthy eating choices, and to understand the consequences of making poor choices. Healthy eating creates a stable body and in turn a stable mind. This reduces and eliminates the experience of anxiety, fatigue, crankiness, and other ill behaviors and physical sicknesses.

ChAMP is a program with one goal-to help each child realize his/her full potential. It enables every child to have a positive experience every day and an optimistic outlook on life. It channels the boundless energy of children in a constructive way, to build positive, healthy adults.


"Boy, have you caused a commotion! When I came to you with the kids, I was about to leave my husband. He was very demanding and cruel with his words. Obsessive. Ever since the waterfall, he apologized for being that way for years, is calm and very concerned about my feelings. I can't explain it other that the waterfall. No man changes that quickly in his attitude. My sister threw it on her crazy puppy. She is calm now and my sisters children were afraid it was sick. My sister knows why shes calm though. Shes using it to help with her asthma also. My hairdresser hurt her ankle. I told her to try this, she came in the next day with no ace bandage and walking with less pain. Thank you so much. It's amazing the effects it has on everyone around us. I'll keep you posted on any other stories as we go along. Im trying to get my other sister to try it. She needs it more than any of us. Thanks again"
- Diane

A Healthy Change Starts with a Simple Step!

Our Team

Meenal Patel
Meenal Patel MA, CHt, Reiki Level II, EFT-ADV is a Micro biologist with 14 years of experience in drug discovery and therapeutics. She went into biology with the intention to help people live a better life. She found that scientific discovery only improved the quantity, length of people's lives but not necessarily the quality and happiness of life. The search to increase the quality, the joy in peoples' lives, led her to hypnotherapy. Meenal received a certification in hypnotherapy upon completion of education from HMI, a nationally accredited hypnosis training college.

She believes thought is the most basic creative force. It creates the world around you. If not used in a healthy way, it can lead to negative feelings and can create blocks from reaching the goals you put forward in life leading to ill health. Hypnotherapy works with the thoughts blocked in your subconscious mind which are only accessed during sleep or in a state of hypnosis. Meenal uses her hypnosis experience to help you collect your thoughts and redirect them in a positive way to help you achieve your desired results. She also works on taking you from negative thought patterns to positive thought patterns to a point of transmuting thought on a journey to inner peace. Along with her hypnotherapy sessions, she uses Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) to clear the mental blockages as well as energetic blocks that no longer serve you. She uses her experience in psychic abilities from her mentors Eagle Skyfire, Christi Calvano, and other spiritual leaders to enhance each session with a personal intuitive approach. Also, she continues her own spiritual journey to bring only the purest healing for you. She has special certifications in hypnosis for weight management, pain management, immune disorders, ADD, hand writing analysis, and past life regressions. Above all, the main motivation for Meenal is to make lasting positive effects in your life because she believes that one healthy happy person touches many lives positively.

Celia Gonzalez
Celia graduated last April from the University of Pittsburgh, where she earned a degree in Russian and a certificate in Russian and Eastern European Studies. Coming from a family of scientists, and having begun her college career on a microbiology track, she has a unique understanding of both the sciences and the humanities. Though as yet inexperienced in holistic healing, Celia is passionate about helping people to improve their lives through their own means, and recently began HMI, the Hypnotherapy Motivation Institute. She hopes to receive her diploma in a couple of years to become a hypnotherapist.

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